Sharon Wu


Sharon Wu is associated with the Company since May 2023. She brings in 30+ years of experience in the field of finance – supervision of Company’s finance and operations. Her hands on experience in fund management, cost control, budget, forecast planning and project controlling and has played crucial role in company’s fund management. She has framed inter control policies across all companies she has worked with and has played a key role in maintaining Government relationship and public relations for various manufacturing entities and setting up foreign entities in India. She has been co-ordinating with India Governments for various schemes and incentives.

Sharon is customer centric, evaluates business needs and provides quick solutions to all business. With her experience of handling multinational foreign subsidiaries at ease, she guides foreign investors on Indian business regulations, evaluating business feasibility and government incentives to be availed and setting up business in India.Being a foreign national and residing in India for 11+years, she is an adept in Indian Business regulations and also provides advisory on entry and exit requirements for foreign nationals , and can assist foreign investors with related procedures.